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摘要:9。 B。 Decoding secret message。 Online services are so designed thatthe more they are used, the moreprofit they generate. 63.C)vulnerable Why do working women of child-bearing age tend to feel drained ofenergy? INTPs are intuitive indi

  9。 B。 Decoding secret message。

  1. Online services are so designed thatthe more they are used, the more profit they generate.


  1. Why do working women of child-bearing age tend to feel drained of energy?

INTPs are intuitive individuals

This is why they are so good at coming up with plans, strategies and ideas.





INTPs enjoy presenting their ideas to other people,

but explaining how they got from A to Z is another matter.

  20。 D。 previous medical treatments failed to relieve his pain

48、【A】Cocainebecame notorious.


  1. A) They can stand the wear and tear of natural elements.

INTP personalities really have no limits

when it comes to theoretical riddles. if there is no easy solution and the topic is interesting enough, an INTP can spend ages trying to come up with a solution.

  Lecture 2

A saying goes that “respect others, and youwill be respected”. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound andthought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that being respected byothers is derived from respecting others.


D) Everything was natural and genuine then.

INTPs do not really understand or value decisions based on feeling or subjective opinions. In their opinion, the only good solution is the logical solution.

Seeking to understand how things work and uncover the hidden truths about the world and its inhabitants.

They are able to easily analyze complex issues and recognize patterns

  • it allow them to excel in areas that require quick logical thinking.

  17。 B。 saws used for cutting stone

Long Conversation 1

56.C)cater to

[K] Better yet, how about what one Hunter College professor reportedly did recently for her final exam: She encouraged the class not to stress or even study, promising that, “It is going to be a piece of cake.” When the students came in, sharpened pencils in hand, there was not a blue book in sight. Rather, they saw a large chocolate cake and they each were given a slice.

An INTP may find it quite difficult to decide

which idea is the best one, always looking for more information and doubting their own conclusions.

  Lecture 3

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  1. A) his son was not as thrilled by the roller coaster rider as expected

  2. D) even if they are exposed to more kinds of entertainment

  3. C) ever-changing thrilling forms of recreation

  4. B) prescribing medications for their temporary relief.

  5. A) adjusting the pace of life and intensity of stimulation

  6. C) corporate loyalty

  7. B) maximizing their profits at the expense of workers

  8. C) a higher rate of unemployment

  9. B) making monetary contributions to decision-makers

  10. D) To urge the middle class to wake up and protect their own interest

  11. C) settle the dispute on stem cell research quickly

  12. A) interested businesses and individuals

  13. D) have to raise money to build separate labs

  14. A) human stem cells are used in the research

  15. B) he did not want to offend its opponents

  16. D) tenants renting a house over a year

  17. B) appropriate housing may not be readily available

  18. C) tenants have done damage to the house

  19. D) To make it easier for the State Assembly to pass the bill

  20. A) both bills are likely to be made state laws 巴黎人网站网赌 2


Whatever happens, you must always keep a cool head


Actually, all men are born to be equal andrespect or esteem is the basic need of men. In other words, people cannot livefreely and comfortably without others’ respect or esteem. Taking a look aroundwe can also find examples too many to enumerate. Don’t make a joke with others,like appearance, social status, health conditions, since everyone has the rightto be respected as a member of the society. It is also a respectable behaviorthat there is no interruption when others are talking or doing work. Withoutrespect, it is hard for one to gain friendship, confidence, trust and evenhappiness.


H) sensitive

However, INTPs cannot stand routine work

they would rather tackle a difficult theoretical problem.

  18。 A。 to provide services for the stone pit。



Questions 3 and 4 are based on the news report you have just heard.

Introverted and Turbulent types are Constant Improvement

Identity showing how confident you are in your abilities and decisions.

Turbulent identity tend to care about their image, be self-conscious, success-driven and perfectionists.

Intuitive and Thinking types make Analysts excellent strategic thinkers

They are quiet, individualistic people.

They tend to be perfectionistic and success-driven, often spending a lot of time and effort making sure that result of their work is the best it can be.

  11。 A。 A military code that was never broken。

9.【答案】A. They are thin,tall, and unlike real human beings.

Part I Listening Comprehension

  1. A) Make clear one's intentions. C) Formulate one's strategy.

They are highly intelligent, open-minded and utilitarian individuals, capable of amazing intellectual feats, especially in scientific or technological fields.

Judging individuals also tend to have a very strong work ethic, putting their duties and responsibilities above everything else.
if a specific task is not that important or interesting,

A Prospecting individual will always be able to come up with something better to do.

  12。 C。 A lot of knowledge-intensive jobs will be replaced。

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48.D)in abundance

B) They are expensive to make. D) They were invented in the 1970s.

A relaxed attitude towards their work or studies, refusing to get stressed about deadlines, templates, or rules.

  10。 D。 They helped the U.S。 army in World War Two。

  1. The Internet is regarded by some asdesigned to distract our attention.

7.C) It’s part of his job.

B) Wait patiently. D) Walk uphill.

INTPs love theories and believe that everything can be analyzed and improved.

they tend to lean towards scientific or technological subjects, as long as they have an opportunity to devise d improve some kind of system.


Passage 2

S4.original > origin


Like working with ideas rather than people

And doing everything they can to keep their true feeling and emotions deep below the surface.

  6。 D。 $30-$40

Passage Two


Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.

INTPs should pay more attention to the outside world,

giving some thought to the question”Where do i fit in this world?”
People with this personality type value truth very highly


1.【答案】C. Theyfacilitate the donation of unsold food to the needy.

8.D) He usually understates his achievements.

D) What her husband and the man are up to.

INTPs are enthusiastic and impartial when it comes to dealing with problems.

They absolutely love new ideas and theories and would never miss an opportunity to discuss them with other people.

  1。 A。 It is a Spanish soup



G) prohibiting O) visual

INTPs can be very determined and passionate

if they truly care about something.

  1. However, they should make a conscious effort to keep their mind focused on one project instead of jumping from one topic to another. The INTP mind is not meant for routine things or following steps A,B,C,D.. it will jump from A to D, then back to C, then think of a better way to handle B and so on. It is important for an INTP to keep this tendency in check in order to guarantee a project’s success.

  2. A growth-oriented INTP should recognize this and overcome the powerlessness and frustration that often from part of the learning process. This will allow the INTP to go above and beyond what other personality types can achieve.

  3. The ability to self-reflect and to analyze you own motives, decisions and mistakes is a great strength, and you should utilize it often. This is especially important when it comes to personal development - making goals for yourself and managing your ego is an excellent recipe for personal growth. However, it is just as important to not overthink things, especially where there is plenty of subjectivity involved.

  4. Finally, it is worth stressing that you need to be happy with yourself, rather than try to meet other people’s expectations or work hard on developing traits that society says are valuable, but that go against who you are. As you are probably well aware, INTPs are really rare, so it is completely understandable that many of the things that the wider society seems to value may seem forced and unnatural to you.

  4。 D。 It comes from a special kind of pig。

Part II Listening Comprehension

S8.efficient > inefficient

  1. What did Dr. Sasaki find about the participants in her experiment?
INTPs usually surpass all other personalty types when it comes to processing the available data quickly and objectively, and then making a logical choice.

On the other hand, INTPs never-ending thinking process is inherently chaotic and indecisive, forcing them to jump from one idea to another, worrying about possible failure. Furthermore, most INTPs find it very difficult to explain their complicated ideas and thoughts to others, which can cause a lot frustration.

  19。 B。 Dr。 Gong slipped in needles where he felt no pain

5.【答案】B.It has justlaunched its annual anniversary sales.


  1. Most professors agree whether to give an in-class or a take-home exam depends on type of course being taught.

INTP personalities can spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out something they are interested in.

They will also be very enthusiastic when it comes to discussing that topic with other people. they are very good at improving their knowledge of topics and fields that interest them.

  3。 B。 It is mainly made of vegetables。

7.【答案】C.Credit it toher account.


  1. A) Her ‘lucky birthday’. C) Her wedding anniversary.

  14。 B。 They charge high prices。

Section C


  1. A) It was when her ancestors came to America.


49、【A】It was sodesigned as to create addiction in consumers.


  1. Elderly students find it hard to keep up with the rapid changes in education.

  2. Some believe take-home exams may affect students' performance in other courses.

  3. Certain professors believe in-class exams are ultimately more helpful to students.

  4. In-class exams are believed to discourage cheating in exams.

  5. The author was happy to learn she could do some exams at home.

  6. Students who put off their work until the last moment often find the exams more difficult than they actually are.

  7. Different students may prefer different types of exams.

  8. Most professors agree whether to give an in-class or a take-home exam depends on type of course being taught.

  9. The author dropped out of college some forty years ago.

  10. Some students think take-home exams will eat up their free time.

  25。 D。 they tend to be well adjusted

Section B


Questions 51 to 55 are based on the following passage.

  Lecture 1

Passage One

2.A) Go to an art exhibition.

[E] Following the Harvard scandal, Mary Miller, the former dean of students at Yale, made an impassioned appeal to her school’s professors to refrain from take-hone exams. “Students risk health and well being, as well as performance in other end-of-term work, when faculty offers take-home exams without clear, time-limited boundaries,” she told me. “Research now shows that regular quizzes, short essays, and other assignments over the course of a term better enhance learning and retention.”

  21。 C。 more and more patients ask for the treatment

21.【答案】B) The first fruitsof the harvest.

1.B) They are puzzled about Mary’s low spirits.


  22。 B。 they quarreled a lot and never resolved their argument

太湖是华夏西边的一个淡水湖,占地面积2250平方英里,是中华第三大淡水湖,稍差于鄱阳和洞庭。西湖约有八十六个岛礁,大小从几平米到几平方英里不等。莫愁湖以其独特的“南湖石”而著名,西湖石常用于装饰中华夏儿女民共和国金钱观花园。鄱阳湖也以高产的捕鱼业闻明。自上世纪70时期最后一段时期以来,捕捞鱼蟹对沿湖的居住者来讲极为首要,并对周围地区的经济作出了重大进献。西湖地区是神州陶瓷(ceramics卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎业集散地之后生可畏,此中宜兴的陶瓷厂商临蓐名牌的宜兴紫砂壶(clay teapot卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)。

S10.possibly > possible

D) Testing the efficiency of the new solar panel.

  24。 A。 They tend to be self-assured and responsible

10.【答案】D. Their bodyshapes have not changed much.


  1. What did researchers find puzzling about the first-night effect?

  7。 A。 They go well with different kinds of food。



A) They struggle to satisfy the demands of both work and home.

  16。 C。 it linked a stone pit to some waterways

  1. Checking phones at dinners is nowaccepted as normal but not belching.


E) peak M) tip




[J] If nothing else, the situation has given my college son and me something to share, When I asked his opinion on this matter, he responded, “I like in-class exams because the time is already reserved, as opposed to using my free time at home to work on a test,” he responded.It seems to me that a compromise would be receiving the exam questions a day or two inadvance, and then doing the actual test in class the ticking clock overhead.

  2。 C。 To make it thicker。

2.【答案】B.It passed a lawaiming to stop overproduction.

3.C) Her parents laid great emphasis on academic excellence.

C) She exposed her participants to two different stimuli.

  15。 D。 The tremendous changes new technology will bring to people’s lives。

11.【答案】C. On theInternet.


Did you know women are more likely than men to feel exhausted? Nearly twice as many women than men ages 18-44 reported feeling “very tired” or “exhausted”, according to a recent study.


Passage 1

S6.by > in

B) She recruited 35 participants from her Department of Psychological Sciences.

  13。 D。 In the personal care sector。

17.【答案】B) Find out whatjob choices are available.

S1.在much和the way间插入to

C) She studied the differences between the two sides of participants’ brains.

  23。 C。 Neither of them has any sisters and brothers


Part II Reading Comprehension

D) You may end up entering a wonderland.

  5。 C。 They do not make decent gifts。

Part I Writing


答案:D) They tend to push themselves beyond the limits of their ability.

  8。 C。 It is Italy’s most famous type of red wine。

24.【答案】C) It is regardedas one of the greatest researchers of its kind.

S7.it > them

B) He will tell the women the secret if her husband agrees.

Recording 2

6.B) The examination was well beyond the course content.

  1. What did Dr. Sasaki do when she first did her experiment?
  1. The great majority of smartphone usersdon’t take the trouble to adjust their settings to suit their own purposes.

S3.which > that

Section A



  1. The author dropped out of college some forty years ago.

15.【答案】D. It promotedthe growth of national languages.


[C] As I was suffering through my week of anxiety, overthinking the material and guessing my grasp of it, I did some of my own polling among students and professors. David Eisenbach, who teaches a popular class on U.S. presidents at Columbia, prefers the in-class variety. He believes students ultimately learn more and encourages them to form study groups. “That way they socialize over history outside the class, which wouldn’t happen without the pressure of an in-class exam,” he explained, “Furthermore, in-class exams force students to learn how to perform under pressure, and essential work skill.”

  1. The author admits using technology asan escape from the task at hand.

9.B) It’s absurd.

  1. A) By taking pictures for passers-by. C) By selling lemonade and pictures.

Section C

  1. A) Arrange accommodation for her.
  1. A) He will be glad to be a guide for the couple’s holiday trip.


Part IV Error Correction

B) A call from her dad. D) A special gift from the man.

6.【答案】D.Priceadjustment within seven days of purchase.

S2.what > where

Questions 8 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  1. C emergency

  2. D feeding

  3. K reproduces

  4. I originated

  5. G handful

  6. F halted

  7. L security

  8. N unchecked

  9. A dependent

  10. J reduction


Questions 46 and 50 are based on the following passage.

Recording 3

Section A Short Conversations

A) To what extent it can trouble people. C) What circumstances may trigger it.

12.【答案】A. Moveable metaltype began to be used in printing.

S5.system > systems

  1. In-class exams are believed to discourage cheating in exams.

46、【D】he riskedbraking local law to make a drink with coca leaves.


B) They enjoyed living a living a life of ease. D) They were known to be creative.

  1. The author attributes his techaddiction chiefly to his habit of putting off doing what he should do rightaway.

Section B Short Passages


Section A

  1. D) Setting up a special museum.

  2. C) To promote interest in American decorative arts.

  3. A) By theme or period.

  4. A) People may use two or more languages.

  5. B) Arabic spoken in one Arab country may not be understood in another.

  6. C) It’s uncertain whether English will be the world language in the future.

  7. D) Because they think blind people should learn to live among sighted people.

  8. A) By encouraging them to be more self-reliant.

  9. B) Modern technology.

  10. D) Apply to the national Federation of the Blind for scholarships.

F) preventing N) treated

  1. To make proper use of technology, weshould not only increase our awareness of how it is changing but also how it isimpacting us.


B) Clarify items of negotiation. D) Get to know the other side.

Bring what has been discussed intoconsideration, respect matters in people’s mutual relationship. Respectingothers shows one’s good upbringing and parenting. The more you respect others,the more you will be respected.

Part III Vocabulary

A) They are often unclear about the career goals to reach.

13.【答案】B. It was thebiggest printer in the 16th century.

4.C) It was filled with people all the time.

  1. A) When America's earliest space program started.